For week 3 of “The Best Brand Marketing Story Videos” I decided dedicate an entire post to Airbnb. Airbnb has done a phenomenal job marketing their brand, it basically turned them into an overnight sensation.  Part of this is due to their video marketing. Yes  I myself enjoy using the app and the experience it provides, but the marketing of the brand played a huge part in it’s success. Airbnb tell’s great stories, they make the brand relatable, and they teach their users how to share their brand on social. This creates all the hype and they follow through on that hype with the flawless execution of a very simple app.  I am so impressed with how Airbnb markets via video I would use their video marketing as a template for many business’. So without further introduction Week 3 an All Airbnb Special:

Air Bnb “Is Man Kind”

Credit: Airbnb

How to Tell an Airbnb Travel Story

Credit: Airbnb

Kepa “Airbnb Host Stories” 

Credit: Airbnb