Now, when faced with this question before…”what am I going to do?”, the usual answer or response has been: create something. Make something. Anything. So that’s what I set out to do, but I had learned a lot through my experiences and I knew what I was making needed to be something with the following criteria.

– Profitable. I was tired of not making money.
– Manageable. I am older now with 2 kids, not as much time to just try stuff and work on it through the night.
– Fulfilling.

Now that last one is tough. Even through all my creative execution I realized I had yet to do anything really really fulfilling. So while I was working on things to make profit and manage my time I still was making something that probably wasn’t going to be that fulfilling.

By the end of this first quarter I ended up with 2 companies based on some good ideas and then something happened. A good friend of mine who I trust and hold in high regard ask me this: “Why, and are you going to be happy and satisfied?” Such a simple but powerful question. I responded back with some long winded answer that made absolutely no sense that I don’t even remember now. Then proceeded to defend myself for the next 45 minutes. Then I had to go on a long run. I ran, and I ran and I ran. At the end of that run I had reached one conclusion. If I was going to make ANYTHING else, if I was going to create something from nothing again, I was going to have to be fulfilled by it.

That thing was going to be video.

Is the money a concern? Yes! Do I need to manage my time? Yes! In the end, though, is it fulfilling and do I get life from it and I am proud of what I create? Yes!

That was my conclusion. I love to direct and produce videos and I had multiple people telling me I was good at it, too. Now being a creative I can be very hard on myself and critique myself quite a bit. So do I think I am the best video director in the world, in the United States, in Georgia, in Kennesaw (well maybe Kennesaw)? No. But do I love doing it…yes. And I know that focusing on being a video director will make me better at my craft and the medium that I feel fulfills me the most. So I’m setting out. I’m focusing on a single medium. We will see if it works out. I have a feeling it will and in the end I will probably be a little more happier.


So call me, text me, tweet me, share with me. Ask me questions! I’d love to work with you on a video, to tell your story through a medium that I truly love